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Below you will find a very detailed explanation which will guide you step by step on the journey you will follow in your dental tourism experience at Dental Plus.

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Step 1

Free consultation

By using the contact form at our website,you can send us your detailed questions about your needs.One of our dentist will review your request and we will make a suggestion for the necessary interventions and inform you of the estimated cost of treatment.The final treatment plan will be made only after our doctors examine the problem in person on our premises.

Step 2

Elcetronic contract

After free consultation about your dental needs we determine what other services you can find in use (booking accommodation, scheduling tours for or other activities, etc).
Once we have finalized it, we will send you an electronic contract with a detailed list of the services we have agreed on.This is not a necessary step, but it is available just for you to feel more calm and relaxed.

Step 3

Acomodation in our city

Most people will want to come by plane to Tirana or by ferry to Durres.Our staff will be waiting for you to transfer you from the airport to your place of accommodation.On your first day, you will perform the final checkup with a dentist before starting treatment.Once the dentist has decided on the right treatment, you will receive an appointment schedule. You will also receive offers on how to spend your free time.

Step 4

Arrival at DentalPlus

A guide will show you the legendary city of Durrës, free of charge, if you wish.For an additional fee, we will do our best to meet any reasonable requirements you may have, or you can choose from a list of typical excursions on offer.For some dental procedures you will have a lot of free time between appointments. For others not so much. We will offer you our offers that you can consider.

Step 5

Procedures that you have to follow

Dentists who handle your treatment may want you to stay an extra day or two if they deem it necessary to provide the most efficient service possible. In case there is no need for additional checks, you will be transferred back to the airport or will remain free to explore Albania. Our service is guaranteed.
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